6 Safe In The Sun Tips For Your Yorkie

6 Safe In The Sun Tips For Your Yorkie

6 Safe In The Sun Tips For Your Yorkie 

  1. Fresh Water:

It is essential that there is fresh, cool and clean water available to your dog at all times, not just in the summer when this is more crucial, but all year round. Even adding ice cubes to your dog’s drinking water is a useful way of ensuring your dog’s water is kept cool during the hottest periods of the day. We use this nifty little portable water bottle when we’re on the go with our yorkies.

  1. Swimming:

Chlorine from pools and bacteria from streams, lakes, and ponds can be toxic for a dog’s system. But that doesn’t mean your pet can’t enjoy a refreshing dip! An easy fix is simply rinsing your dog with clean water after swimming and never let her drink water from these sources. Doggie life jacket, anyone? – Practical and fashionable, our dogs wear them in the pool

  1. Shade:

Too much exposure to sun can cause dogs to get a sunburn  and may lead to heat exhaustion.

  1. Parked Car:

Dogs die in hot cars; never leave your dog alone in a car. When it’s 22°C/72°F outside, the temperature inside a car can reach 47°C/117°F in a very short time. Even leaving a window open or a having a sunshield on your windscreen won’t keep your car cool enough for your dog. Take your dog with you or leave him at home.

  1. Paw Protectant:

Your dogs paw pads are constantly in contact with different surfaces through the day. Some of which may be concrete, asphalt, ice, snow, grass and possibly even sand when they are out walking, running, playing and climbing. All of this can lead to dry, cracked and even injured pads. Try our easy DIY pampered paws recipe.

  1. Sunscreen:

Put sunscreen on their nose and ears. We like Epi-Pet sun protector because it has a fresh scent and it’s gentle on their coats.

Hoping these 6 Safe In The Sun Tips For Your Yorkie will be useful for you.

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