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Celebrity Yorkie Owners

Yorkies Are Tiny Show-Stoppers

Sugar-Rush Yorkies Are Tiny Show-Stoppers

Hollywood celebrities love their yorkies. Why, you ask? Well, what’s not to love? They’re absolutely adorable; photograph beautifully, quite small so they’re a cinch to carry around in handbags, they’re easily piddle-pad & litter-box trained so they do well with hotel stays, on tour busses, and airplanes.

Our pooch’alicous yorkies have joined all types of families from college students to grandparents, and yes, even a local  celebrity and a famous sports figure. We have been asked to sign confidentiality agreements in order to protect their privacy so we’re unable to share who they are with you. We are hoping our next celeb client will allow us share their name and picture so you can share in the fun and excitement with us! 🙂

Even if you’re not a celebrity or famous sports figure, you’ll certainly feel like one as Sugar-Rush Yorkies are tiny show-stoppers – they’re beautiful to look at and warming to the heart!

Celebrity Yorkie Owners:

    Sugar-Rush Yorkie Rebates

    Sugar-Rush Yorkie Rebates


    Sugar-Rush Yorkies
    Charlotte, NC 28278
    Email: christina@sugarrushyorkies.com


    Petite Paws Spa
    Grooming Service for Petites
    Servicing Charlotte NC Metro
    Email: Christina@sugarrushyorkies.com