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Feeding The Yorkie

Feeding Your Yrkie

Transitional Diet

Feeding the yorkie will be one of the first things you do when you get your puppy home. When you get home offer your puppy some of the Royal Canin I sent. If he won’t eat, mix the Royal Canin and 1/2 cup of cottage cheese or 1/4 cup homegrown probiotic kefir or yogurt with live cultures. He won’t be able to resist this yummy mix! For the first few days that you have your puppy put about 1/2 teaspoon of honey in his water, precautionary measure, to keep him from becoming hypoglycemic.

Homemade Cooked Dog Food

Sugar-Rush adult dogs are fed cooked homemade dog food. As a direct result they have beautiful coats, are healthy, hardy, and full of play!

Homemade Dog Food

Yorkie Training TreatsFeeding Yorkie

Apple Crunch Pupcakes

Homemade Yorkie Gravy


BARF (Bones And Raw Food) and human grade food ingredients.

With this diet roughly feed 2% of your Yorkshire Terrier’s weight in food each day. (Your dog’s weight in ounces x .02 = roughly the amount of food your dog should eat in ounces per day). This is divided proportionately into meaty bones, muscle meat (including ground meats) and organ meat. For those buying groceries economically this can be a viable option. It’s a good idea to vary the meats – chicken, beef, fish, lamb, and venison or rabbit when you can get it. Remember RAW non-weight baring meaty bones is the key. Cooked bones can splinter. And I always freeze their food for 3 weeks minimum before feeding as it kills off the potentially bad bacteria.

Even a small Yorkies can handle many kinds of food that might surprise you, and remember to keep it proportionate. You might think he’s going without with only 2-3 ounces but this is because it’s a natural diet without fillers.  For more information on the BARF diet, check out:

Veterinary Q & A – B.A.R.F. Diet 

BARF World

Decisions, Decisions …

Feeding the Yorkie. There is a wide range of commercial dog foods available for dog owners to feed and a great many decisions to be made for your Yorkshire Terrier. A good quality food is a basis of his health and ability to survive. Always avoid toxic treats like chocolate and raisins. It doesn’t take much dark chocolate to kill even a larger dog. Other fruits and vegetables that are not good for dogs are grapes, onions and avocados. Click Here  to see the ASPCA’s “People Food To Avoid Feeding Your Pets.”

Keep these suggestions in mind when you look at dog food labels it should help you choose better quality food for your Yorkshire Terrier.

  • Avoid too much corn
  • Avoid too many grains
  • Avoid artificial preservatives such as BHA, BTA and ethoxyquin
  • Avoid generic fats and proteins. “Animal fat” and “meat meal” are an indication of a poorer quality food in most cases.  You don’t know what kind of animal these ingredients have come from and they may be a combination of rendered materials.
  • Avoid meat by-products and digest. The terms “by-products” and “digest” have specific meanings according to the USDA and they refer to parts of animals that you probably don’t want your dog to eat.

Getting your Yorkshire Terrier on an appropriate diet that fits your budget and his health needs is a very important part of pet ownership.


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