Make Kibble Healthy

Make Kibble Healthy
Feed Your Yorkie Healthy on a Budget
With These Quick and Easy Tips on How to
Make Kibble a Nutrient Dense Meal Your Pet-Pal Will Love

So, if we are being honest with ourselves we have to admit that commercial kibble is just not that healthy for our dogs. In-fact some are laden with nasty chemicals and other ‘icky’ additives. Yes, there are some good ones on the market but they’re expensive. Even still, I think we can all agree that nothing store-bought is better than something made with love in your own kitchen.

So, what if I said, keep the kibble – buy the best quality kibble you can afford (no judgement here, we all do the best we can). I will show you how to make it a powerhouse of nutrition your yorkie will love.Sound good? Keep reading ?

You may want to give my Easy Yorkie Kibble recipe a try, but until then…

Let’s make kibble healthier!make kibble healthier

Bone Broth – soak it in some healthy bone broth.  It makes it easier to digest and the bone broth is a great source of protein,  calcium, and natural glucosamine for dogs – plus easy on their digestive system.  Here’s my recipe: Easy Bone Broth Recipe.

  • Oil Supplement– add an Omega 3 oil to your dogs diet; this is beneficial for joints, skin and coat health, and so much more. You can also mix in canned sardines, cooked fish, canned salmon and canned mackerel too.  But feed the canned items only on occasion, as a treat, because because of the increased sodium content. Here’s my recipe: Nourishing Oil Supplement
  • Kibble Topper – top it with some homemade turkey gravy. Here’s my recipe: Turkey Gravy kibble topper.
  • Smelt Crumbles– DIY Dehydrated Smelt Crumbles – don’t feel intimidated, you can do this! Our yorkies LOVE this and they’re an *amazing and pure source of Omega 3’s. High in protein, vitamin B12, phosphorus, manganese, selenium, calcium and zinc. Here’s my recipe: Smelt Crumbles.

So, there you go. Easy, Healthy and Affordable ways to amp-up the nutritional value of plain ol’ dog kibble. ?

Make Kibble Healthy

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