Recommended Puppy Products with FREE Printable

Recommended Puppy Products with FREE Printable

Recommended Puppy Products

with FREE Printable

The following recommended puppy products are must-haves for life with a new puppy. They are products I have purchased myself and have found useful. I recommend you buy them before your new puppy comes home because they’ll make the transition from my home to yours, and life with a new puppy, easier and more enjoyable.

I honestly wish I had a checklist of recommendations like this one when I brought my first yorkie home back in 2001. Nothing beats beats good preparation! All products qualify for 2-day free shipping with Amazon Prime.

Water Bladder: An absolute MUST for those first weeks at his new home. Puppies don’t like bed time and sometimes whimper and cry when crated. A soft warm water bladder will sooth him. He’ll snuggle up, warm and cozy and have sweet dreams all night long.

Body Harness & Leash: We don’t recommend attaching a leash directly to the collar as the yorkies trachea is fragile and has been known to collapse when they pull away. A body harness is a safer way to go. A collar is excellent for holding identification tag which lists your name and number.

Dental Care Products and Greenies: Regular oral hygiene will help maintain your puppy’s health and promote longevity.

Dog Beds, Puppy Blankets: Warm and cozy

Play Pen: Keep him safe while he’s at play and confined while you’re away. While you’re working to establish a potty training routine, I HIGHLY recommend the Puppy Apartment

Puppy Apartment

The Puppy Apartment house training system works! Code “SUGAR” will get you 5% discount off their already discounted prices.


Cleaning Supplies: Because puppies make mistakes! We add the laundry boost to the load of dog toys and blankets. Works like a charm at removing stinky odors, every time.

Metal Food Bowls: Practical and durable – These wont ship, crack or fade in the dishwasher.

Puppy Toys & Balls: *Designated toys are a must unless you don’t mind having your favorite shoes chewed up!

Vitamin Supplements and Probiotics: We top every meal with a drizzle of fish oil – It’s great for their skin and coat. Probiotics will Keep him healthy from the inside out!

Car Seat Cover: Safety first!


You can download your list HERE

Recommended Puppy Products with FREE Printable

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