Smelt Crumbles

Smelt Crumbles

Smelt Crumbles

Our Yorkies LOVE smelt crumles. It’s their favorite treat, hands down! I’m convinced that every dog that tries them will love them. Topping dog kibble with dehydrated fish crumbles is an easy way to add beneficial nutrients to their diet. Smelt is loaded with Omega 3, protein, vitamin B12, phosphorus, manganese, selenium, calcium and zinc.

Smelt Crumbles Recipe

  • Smelt (as many as you want)
  • A dehydrator

The Directions:

Line dehydrator with parchment paper. Put smelt on the parchment paper, single layer. Dehydrate until it snaps and crumbles easily.

Crumble and put into an airtight container or baggie.

How to Serve it:

Give a couple as a treat for good behavior and / or sprinkle the crumbles on top of your dogs food – that’s it!

Where To Get It:

It seems to be seasonal and quite hard to find, in my area anyway. Check your local grocers and butchers. We can’t find it locally so I get it online at Amazon. Know of a more affordable source? Please give us a heads-up as this is the go-to healthy treat for our yorkies.


Smelt Crumbles

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