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Moving? Update The Chip

Moving? Update The Chip

Mar 20
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Keeping your Yorkies microchip contact information current is critical!

Did you know your yorkie’s microchip is useless if you don’t update your emergency contact information?

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A microchip is a tiny capsule about the size of a grain of rice that contains a computer chip.  It’s injected under your Yorkie’s skin between the shoulder  blades.  This chip stores a unique, permanent identification number.  If your yorkie gets lost, her microchip can be scanned and the emergency contact person will be notified.

Follow these easy steps to protect your yorkie:

  1. Ask your vet or breeder for the name of the emergency contact person that was registered with the microchip company.
  2. If the vet or breeder used their own name to register the microchip, inform them of your new address and phone number.
  3. If the microchip was registered in your name, ask the vet or breeder for the name of the company that supplied the microchip that’s implanted in your Yorkie.  We register in our name and uses Avid Chips. Call the supplier with your new contact information.

It is better to be safe than sorry so keep your yorkie’s microchip contact information updated and the number in a safe place.


Christina lives in Charlotte, NC with her dear family and furr-family. Totally immersed in her hearts-work of grooming and boarding dogs. When she's not busy loving on her 'Yorks' and the furr-friends she's hosting, she's in the garden. Other things that bring her joy are being a Mom and Grandmom. Oh, and chocolate, lots and lots of chocolate!

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