Yorkie Bath Time

Yorkie Bath Time

Yorkie bath time and grooming can be very enjoyable and a not too difficult with experience.  It keeps his locks luscious, clean and shiny, and allows you quality bonding time with your pet-pal.

Run down of the bathing process:

Place your puppy in the sink or shower base and using lukewarm water, soak the puppy’s coat gently. Then, with a small amount of shampoo in one hand, and holding the puppy with the other, work the shampoo over the puppy’s body, using the tips of your fingers to massage it into his skin. Don’t “rub” the shampoo into the skin as that will cause the hair to tangle and break off.

The shampoo should then be rinsed off with warm water and the whole process of shampooing and rinsing should be repeated. At this stage the coat should be conditioned, using a small amount of conditioner. This must then be rinsed off very carefully as any shampoo or conditioner left on the puppy’s coat will not only make the coat look greasy and possibly scruffy, but will also irritate the skin.

Next, dry your puppy with a microfiber towel. Then use a hairdryer (on low) and brush / gently dry his coat until it is completely dry. If you’re grooming a puppy remember this is a new experience so hold him firmly, but be gentle and patient. You will find that if your puppy is bathed regularly he will soon accept being bathed, and begin to like bath time.

I begin grooming the puppies at six weeks and repeat once a week at this stage. The Yorkshire Terrier is a single coated dog and washing them every 7-10 days is a good plan.

Yorkie Grooming Supplies

  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Pin Brush
  • Blow dryer

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