We just can’t get enough Love on a leash!

Hello, my name’s Christina. I’m a Yorkshire Terrier Hobby Breeder, exclusively breeding AKC® Registered Yorkshire Terriers. My hobby-breeding adventure began in MN, 2003 to 2007. During that time I immersed myself in my passion for breeding under the name ‘Tina’s Tiny Treasures’. Much of this time was also spent learning grooming basics, dog handling, and dog genetics. I began breeding again in late 2009 with full attention to genetics, structure and AKC standards. Many years of due diligence later, I now produce beautiful, genetically healthy, Yorkshire Terriers.

I have enjoyed making new friends and fur’iends so much over the years that I’ve decided to expand to include Grooming. In addition,

I am a Nurse – Nursing is my life work. yorkies are my hearts work

Our Breeding Program

Health and temperament are at the forefront of our breeding program to assure you the best possible dog while adhering as close as possible to all AKC (American Kennel Club) guidelines. It is our goal and hope to be able to consolidate the excellent qualities of the top bloodlines we admire and we intend to continue to work hard at making Sugar-Rush Yorkies a name synonymous with “Top Quality Without Compromise”.

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I’m often asked what is the difference between a toy, micro and a tea-cup yorkie, and which do I breed. Most people simply want a small dog. Did you know the AKC standard for the Yorkshire Terrier is no larger than 7 lbs? This *is a very small dog. Make quality (health), not size the top priority when deciding on a puppy to add to your family then you’ll be blessed with a healthy puppy who will grow into a healthy and hardy adult.

Our Puppies

Sugar-Rush puppies are typically 4.0 to 6.0 pounds, full-grown. Guesstimates are based on the size of the parents of the puppies, the previous litter produced by the pairing and industry standard growth charts. While every attempt is made to properly gauge the size of the puppy at adulthood, it must be understood that this is an educated guess, based on reasonable assumptions.

All our dogs and new puppies are in a nurturing environment, our home right here in Charlotte, NC. Puppies are weaned from their mothers by 5 weeks of age and stay with us until they are 12-14 weeks (breeders discretion) of age allowing us time to work with the puppies. This early developmental training time allows you the opportunity to have a puppy that is well socialized, fun-loving, and well adjusted. We are looking for gentle, educated buyers who understand that buying a dog is a lifetime commitment.

When you purchase a Sugar-Rush Yorkie you receive Lifetime Breeder Support. We will continue to be here for you to answer any questions or concerns for the lifetime of your puppy.

Yorkshire Terrier Club of Ethical Hobby Breeders