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Showing the Yorkshire Terrier has been an interest of  SRY breeder, Christina, for quite a few years now. First introduced to the world of AKC dog shows on television, she then attended shows with a junior-handler friend, as a teenager. Spent many, many years researching the Yorkshire Terrier Standard and genetics. From time to time, you’ll find her ring-side at her local kennel club gleaning as much information as she possibly can from people showing their pups. Becoming more involved in and acquainted with he show world.

To find a local show, you can visit the AKC’s website. You can search for events by state, time of year, and more.

You can also visit the website of a dog show superintendent. Dog show superintendents provide resources for kennel clubs when they are putting on a show, such as taking entries, distributing information about the show, etc. Superintendents basically manage the show for the local club that is putting on the show.

There is a list of superintendents located at the Members page of the Dog Show Superintendents Association. This is a great way to find out about local shows coming up in your area. An awesome way to glean information on handling and showing.

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