Yorkie Weight Chart

Below is a chart that you can use to determine the approximate weight your Yorkie will be full grown.

Sugar-Rush Yorkies are *typically 4.0 – 6.0 pounds full-grown. This guesstimate is based on the size of the parents of the puppies, the previous litters produced and growth charts. While every attempt is made to properly gauge the size of the puppy at adulthood, it must be understood that this is an educated guess, based on reasonable assumptions. Weight and growth is strongly individual.

Here is how to use the chart:

  1. Find out the current age (in weeks) of your Yorkie on the left of the table
  2. Move from the left to the right to find his current weight (oz.). Be careful and keep the same raw while moving.
  3. After you find the current weight in the same row as the age, swipe down your finger to the end of the column and there you will find the expected weight of your Yorkie when he is fully grown up.

yorkie growth chart