Are Huskies good Frisbee dogs?

Huskies will play frisbee, but depending on the individual dog, it may take some teaching for them to do so. By teaching them young, using treats, and having consistency, most huskies will be able to enjoy a game of frisbee with their owner.

Do Huskies play fetch?

Fetch is a great game for Huskies because it allows them to run to their heart’s content without you getting exhausted. Even if you have had a long day at work, throwing a ball isn’t that hard.

Can Huskies catch a ball?

Your husky can grab the ball and not return to you. He wants to get chased, as it happens when two dogs are playing. … Your dog will bring the toy back or drop it somewhere else. If he drops the toy somewhere else, just capture his attention with another toy and throw that one.

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