Are Rottweilers good tracking dogs?

Are Rottweilers clingy dogs?

Rottweilers are highly social dogs, needing contact with their humans constantly. … A Rottie will prefer to sleep with you or at the very least next to your side of the bed. They are very a ‘clingy’ breed.

Are Rottweilers good trail dogs?

Hiking Miles: Properly socialized Rottweilers make wonderful hiking partners and can work up to a trek of 10 miles if in good health. The breed can overheat, so make sure to bring plenty of water and take breaks as necessary.

Are Rottweilers good with kids?

Rottweilers typically like children, especially if they’re raised with them. When around children, especially young ones, they should be supervised because they are so big and strong. … When Rottweilers are raised with other dogs and cats, they generally get along well with them.

Do Rottweilers get attached to one person?

Although Rottweilers will love their whole family the same, they may see one member of the family as the leader of the “pack.” This is the person they’ll look to for commands and who they’ll obey above anyone else. It may also be the person that gets the lion share of the Rottie love- but not always.

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