Are there wild dogs in Canada?

It’s been a problem for many years in small communities all across far northern Canada. Stray pets and semi-wild dogs roam many communities and have occasionally caused serious injury and death. In January 2010, a 10-year old boy in the Cree community of Canoe Lake, Saskatchewan was mauled to death by a pack of dogs.

Are there any wild dogs in Canada?

Dr. Samson-French believes there could be as many as a million unhoused dogs on reserves across Canada. She estimates there are at least two semi-wild dogs for every home on a reserve.

Which dog is famous in Canada?

Despite the draw of the smaller breeds, the larger breeds continue to hold firm in the top spots, with our Canadian indigenous breed, the Labrador Retriever leading the pack once again as the most popular breed in Canada, followed by the intelligent and talented German Shepherd Dog, the family-friendly Golden Retriever …

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