Best answer: Is Suga’s dog still alive?

Holly is a male, brown Toy Poodle dog. He is Suga’s dog and only pet. He lives with Suga’s family.

Is BTS dog still alive?

Jjangu was a male, white Maltese dog. He lived with Jin’s family. He died on September 28, 2017 and lived with Jin’s family for 12 years.

How did Yoongi get Holly?

Suga also has a family dog named Holly, who he first introduced in September 2016 by posting a photo with the caption, “Holly only likes the person giving food”.

Is Min Holly adopted?

Min Holly was an abdoned dog, just like Jin’s Jjangu. (Jjangu is the related Wiki). But he has been adopted by Yoongi!

Who is Suga’s brother?

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