Can two male dogs have babies?

If two male dogs mate with the female on the same day, it’s a straight swimming race between the sperm as to which reaches the ovum first and fertilizes it. If different males mate with the female on different days, she can fall pregnant by both of them.

Can two male dogs have puppies?

Now she’s worried her little Yorkie could be pregnant by two different males — possible, or not? Veterinarian Bonnie Beaver weighs in with her expert answer that may surprise. “First, it is possible for a female dog to carry puppies that were sired by more than one male dog,” she says.

Can animals get pregnant by different males?

Female dogs release many eggs when they are in heat (estrus, or the fertile period). If they copulate with more than one male dog within the two- to three-week estrus cycle, they can potentially become pregnant, perhaps by more than one male.

What happens if you separate dogs while mating?

Physically separating them can result in injury to either the male or female dog’s genitalia. The dogs may rest, stand, or attempt to move around during this time. They may also change positions, with the male swinging his leg over the female so they are back end to back end.

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