Frequent question: Was Sergeant Stubby a Boston terrier?

Early life. Stubby was described in contemporaneous news items as a Boston Terrier or “American bull terrier” mutt. … When it came time for the outfit to ship out, Conroy hid Stubby on board the troop ship. As they were getting off the ship in France, he hid Stubby under his overcoat without detection.

Was Sgt Stubby a Boston terrier?

He was a dog of uncertain breed, described in early news stories as either a Bull Terrier or Boston Terrier, with a short stature, barrel shape and friendly temperament. Until 1917 it is thought that he wandered the streets of New Haven, Connecticut scrounging for scraps of food.

Is Sgt Stubby a true story?

Set during World War I, the animated feature is based on the true story of a mutt that wandered off the streets of New Haven, Conn., and into the care of Robert Conroy (voice of Logan Lerman), an enlisted man who was then training with the 102nd Infantry Regiment.

Did General Patton meet Stubby?

Instead of Conroy smuggling him onto the transport, Stubby escapes camp and chases down the train and the ship. Stubby meets Gen. George Patton and takes a ceremonial ride perched on the top of a tank, like a living hood ornament. Most prominently, the scene showing Stubby promoted to sergeant never happened.

Why did the soldiers take Sergeant Stubby to the battlefields with them iready?

Explanation: When German prisoners marched through Stubby’s camp, the fierce little dog had to be restrained so he wouldn’t attack them. With all the dangers at the front, injury was perhaps inevitable for this canine soldier. During an attack, Stubby inhaled mustard gas, which required medical treatment.

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