Frequent question: What’s the price of a Miki dog?

A Mi-ki isn’t expensive… she’s priceless. People may be surprised that the cost of a Mi-ki puppy is $3,100 or more (breeding rights are an additional $1,500.) But any well-bred dog from a reputable breeder is going to be relatively expensive initially.

Can Mi-ki dogs be left alone?

The Mi-Ki is a small toy dog bred in the USA using the Japanese Chin, Papillon and Maltese to be a companion and lap dog.


The Mi-Ki at a Glance
Good apartment dog Excellent due to size and not being a vocal dog
Handles alone time well Low – can suffer from separation anxiety

What is a Miki poo dog?

The Miki-poo is an incredible designer crossbreed. The Miki parent is a multigenerational crossbreed whose parents are the Japanese Chin, the Papillion, and the Maltese. The other parent is typically a toy Poodle. Miki-poos were bred to create a companion that was calm yet engaging.

What type of dog is Mika Valkyrae?

Valkyrae owns a white Shibu Inu dog named Mika.

What is Miki?

Miki or omiki is a ritual offering of sake in the Shinto religion.

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