Has Nigel The dog died?

However, fans were hit with some tragic news last year after Monty confirmed the passing of Nigel. In an Instagram post to his 740,000 followers, he said: “I am very sorry to announce that Nigel has died. “To the end he was happy, healthy and his usual calm, lovely self.

Does Monty Don have a new dog?

May 14, 2021 – 20:48 BST Francesca Shillcock. Gardener’s World presenter Monty Don warmed his fans hearts when he posted an adorable photo of a very special family member: his beloved dog Patti!

Has Monty Don got a dachshund?

Monty’s new dog, Patti, is a Yorkshire terrier. … The family also has two miniature dachshunds, Brenda, 14 and smooth-haired, and 10-year-old, wire-haired Peggy, but, says Monty, they do not like being filmed.

Is Monty Don ill 2020?

Monty Don has suffered a stroke, forcing him to step down as presenter of Gardeners’ World on BBC2. The 52-year-old has been off the show for six weeks, with the corporation blaming his absence on ‘exhaustion’. But yesterday it admitted he had had a ‘minor stroke’ and is taking time off to make a full recovery.

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