How do you get a professional sea dog?

Sea Dogs Reputation is acquired by playing matches in The Arena game-mode and completing Commendations for The Sea Dogs within the matches.

How do I get a sea dog jacket?

The Sea Dog Jacket was provided for free to players who purchased Sea of Thieves Anniversary Edition, as part of the included Sea Dog Bundle.

How do I cash in my sea dog chest?

Dig up chests.

Each chest you find on an island will grant your team 100 points. Turning in the chest at a Sea Dog station, which are marked with bright red plumes of smoke, will give your team one thousand points.

Are there dogs in sea of thieves?

That’s the main thing. There are now dogs in Sea of Thieves. You have to buy them, naturally, with ancient coins that cost real money. Each pooch will cost you 499 coins ($5.49), though there’s a Dog Pack Bundle that gives you all three types of dogs (Alsatians, Whippets, and Inus) for 1,249 coins ($12.49).

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