What kind of dogs are in Lady and the Tramp 2?

Debi Derryberry and Kath Soucie as Annette, Danielle, and Collette, three well-behaved and polite Cocker Spaniel puppies who are Scamp’s sisters. They greatly resemble their mother Lady but each have different colored collars on their necks.

What kind of dogs are in Lady and the Tramp?

Barbara Luddy as Lady, an American Cocker Spaniel, who is the primary POV character in the film.

Is Angel a Shiba Inu?

Angel is the deuteragonist from Disney’s 2001 direct-to-video film Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp’s Adventure, the sequel to Lady and the Tramp.

Background information
Species Dog (Shiba Inu)
Gender Female
Other names

Is Angel older than Scamp?

Official Couple: Angel and Scamp. Older Than They Look: Although she looks to be around the same age as Scamp (who’s not even a year old), Angel is old enough to have been through five families and linger a while with each one.

What breed of dog is the Tramp?

What Kind of Dog Is Tramp? Unlike the refined purebred Lady, Tramp is a mixed breed dog, sometimes called a mutt. He’s larger than Lady and has shaggy hair, but this could be because he’s a homeless dog without human parents to groom him.

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Is the Tramp a Schnauzer?

The Tramp, A.K.A. Butch, is the male protagonist from Disney’s 1955 animated film Lady and the Tramp and the tritagonist in the sequel.

Background information
Species Dog (Schnauzer)
Gender Male
Other names Butch (referred to by both Tony and Joe), Fritzi, Mike, Handsome (by Peg)

How old is Lady in Lady and the Tramp?

Lady, as a young puppy, was given to Darling as a Christmas present from Jim Dear. She is named Lady due to her bad manners and manlike personality. When Lady is six months old, she is given a collar and a license. She has a happy life with her family, and is friends with two neighboring dogs, Jock and Trusty.

How old is angel in Scamp’s Adventure?

For her size and age, she is possibly a pre-teen at age 12 (in human perspective).

Is scamp a dog name?

Scamp is a minor character from Disney’s 1955 film Lady and the Tramp as a puppy and the main protagonist in Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp’s Adventure as a neutral puppy. He’s the only son of Lady and the Tramp, who later starred in his own comic strip and film.

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Quote “Slick move!”

What means scamp?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1 : rascal, rogue. 2 : an impish or playful young person.

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