When was Kuno the dog born?

Is Kuno the dog still alive?

It’s not just because of this operation, but so many others Kuno was involved in, that make him thoroughly deserving of the PDSA Dickin Medal. His recovery is on-going, but Kuno is now enjoying his retirement, living the quiet life with his loving family.

What animal has been awarded war medals?

Dogs are most common now, but Hannibal used elephants, Genghis Khan rode horses, and the U.S. military has recruited bats, dolphins and chickens. Since 1943, an animal welfare charity in the United Kingdom has awarded the Dickin Medal, roughly equivalent to the Victoria Cross, to war animals.

What kind of dogs are in Afghanistan?

Kuchi dog

Afghan Shepherd
Afghan Shepherd (Kuchi Dog) in Kabul
Other names Sage Kuchi Sage Jangi De Kochyano Spai Jangi Spai Afghan Shepherd
Common nicknames Kuchi Dog Afghan Mastiff
Origin Afghanistan
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