Why did Arya leave the Hound to die?

By being so close to Joffrey, he was also “part” of what brought her father Ned to his death. So despite becoming closer to him, she wasn’t going to do him any favours and grant him mercy. She was going to leave him to his slow, painful death as retribution for all his actions.

Why did Arya remove the Hound from her list?

Originally Answered: Why has Arya taken (spoiler) off of her list? She took him off her list for two reasons. The reason that she admits to is that she thinks he is dead. However, he’s actually off the list because she no longer wants him dead.

Why did the Hound watch over Arya?

Though he tracks her down when she runs away and claims to want to ransom her to her family, in truth, he’s protecting her and teaching her survival skills for the road. Arya’s cruelty saves the Hound’s life. … The Hound is part of the brigade heading to Winterfell as Season 8 begins.

Why does the Hound love Arya?

The Hound originally saw Arya as a paycheck, but in their travels he grew to care for her as a parent cares for their child or as a big brother cares for their little sister. He’s become protective of her and wants to make sure that the bad people (like the Lannisters) don’t hurt her.

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What happens to Arya Stark in the end?

The final glimpse of Arya in Game of Thrones showed her sailing off toward adventure, determined to discover something no one else ever has: what is west of Westeros. That gave Arya one of the most open-ended conclusions of any character in Thrones.

Does Arya like the Hound?

Despite all their recent time together, Arya hates the Hound. He killed her friend in season 1 and he was on her list, and was generally a despicable person. She knew he was going to die no matter what, and that killing him herself would make his end easier.

Who does Arya Stark marry?

Arya Stark

Artwork by John Picacio©
Born In 289 AC (age 11), at Winterfell
Spouse(s) Lord Ramsay Bolton (allegedly)
Father Lord Eddard Stark
Mother Lady Catelyn Tully

Does Arya end up liking the Hound?

Arya does not fear the Hound initially, but she does hate him, or at least the idea of him she has in her mind. She learns to overcome this negative feeling, like Sansa, and comes to respect him somewhat. I think Arya saw herself in the Hound when he told her about his brother.

Was Arya going to sleep with the hound?

Arya was obviously looking to lose her virginity before the battle where she thought she might die.

Why does Arya not like the hound?

I think Arya doesn’t understand why because the thing she hates is The Hound – Joffery’s creature. That thing died where she left him. Sandor Clegane was underneath there, protected her at the Red wedding and gave her real world insight that she respected that. She’ll be meeting Sandor if they cross paths next season.

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