Why does my dog lick my other dog’s eyes and ears?

It may not have anything to do with the other dog’s ears at all. Some dogs just like to lick other dogs as a form of attention or affection. … So much so, your dog might find licking another dog’s ears more attractive than any treat you try to tempt them with. As we all know, your dog has an acute sense of smell.

Is it OK for my dog to lick my other dogs eyes?

Licking another dogs eyes

It could be a case of mutual grooming. Some dogs have more ocular discharge and/or tear production than others. There can be many reason for this, but one thing is common to all of the causes and that is the fact that their little faces need to be cleaned.

Why is my dog always licking my other dogs face?

If your dog likes to lick other dog’s faces, don’t worry. It may seem weird to us, but your dog is doing it to show friendliness, affection or deference. Whichever reason is behind his dog-on-dog face licking, it’s never a bad thing. It’s always a sign that he means no harm.

Should I let my other dog see my dead dog?

But in case your dog has passed away while dealing with a contagious disease, then you shouldn’t allow your dogs to see the dead dog in any case. The contact with a disease deceased dog could be a potential source of the spread of infection.

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Is it harmful for dogs to lick each others ears?

Ear-licking generally is benign and often a gesture of affection, even if it seems a but unsavory for us. When a dog licks another dog’s ears, it may be simply an act of grooming. Two dogs who live side by side and consider each other part of one pack will feel comfortable grooming each other.

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