Why does my dog like to lick the snow?

Dogs have a keen sense of smell and this is why they may prefer to eat snow over the stale water kept in the dog bowl for many days. Studies show that dogs dehydrate much faster than humans and they need more water to replenish their fluids in the body.

Why is snow bad for dogs?

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not safe for your dog to eat snow. Why? Beneath the snow could be a bounty of waste, chemicals and salt that are not appropriate for ingestion. Eating snow can also lower your dog’s core temperature, ultimately, making them colder and risking conditions such as hypothermia.

Why you should never eat snow?

Snow is still great, just refrain from eating it! The study revealed that from just one hour of exposure, the levels of pollutants within the snow increased dramatically, with toxic particles becoming trapped within the small ice particles or dissolved within the pockets of melted snow.

Can dogs get sick from playing in the snow?

YES! Your dog can get sick from being outside in the cold weather for too long. It is too easy to think that just because your dog has a “fur coat”, he is protected from the ravages of winter weather.

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