You asked: Can you use a FURminator on a pitbull?

Is furminator good for pitbulls?

We found the Furminator 104013 Curry Comb to be the best value dog brush for pit bulls. It’s a high-quality curry comb that will help reduce shedding without the premium price tag.

Do pitbulls need Deshedding?

And some owners are surprised at just how much fur they leave behind. While Pitbulls might be single-coated dogs, they actually shed more frequently than other single-coated breeds. The good news is that while they do shed, their coats are short, they don’t need haircuts, and are quite easy to maintain.

How often do Pitbulls need to be brushed?

You should brush your pit bull’s coat at least a few times per week, or even every day, using a firm, flexible bristle rubber brush. This is the best type for keeping his short coat clean, neat and free of dead fur.

Can you shave your pitbull?

Can You Shave a Pitbull? No, never shave a Pitbull. Pitbulls have such short hair that shaving them is unnecessary. While they have a double layer coat, shaving a Pitbull should never be done except in extreme cases such as needed by your veterinarian.

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