Best answer: Where is the dog in Yakuza 3 chapter4?

Where is the dog in Yakuza 3?

To reiterate, it’s in the spot behind the drugstore, where you fought the boss.

Where is the dog in Hatsumachi?

Go to Hatsumachi and to the northeast dead end. You’ll find the dog.

How do you catch fish in Yakuza 3?

Press X to stop it on a fish that’s within your bait window. Once you cast, wait until you get a hit, then press X to start reeling it in. Some of the more difficult fish (like the Maguro) give you a very small window in which to hit X, so be ready to hit it quickly.

How do you catch tuna in Yakuza 3?

Catching Tuna:

  1. Get a Bento or a Shrimp (Bait) (from the fish vendor in Okinawa Market).
  2. Each time you load the fishing minigame, the fish you can catch will be randomized.
  3. Keep canceling and loading until a fish appears in the 100-150m end of the bar (eyeball it as best as you can).

What is Kuruzata?

Kuruzata – brown sugar (“black sugar” in the American version) Dugwai – aloe. Basanai – banana, you can replace it with the more expensive “island banana.” Lemon – well, it’s a lemon, though you can replace it with a Shikwasa.

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How do you get bones in Yakuza 3?

PlayStation 3

You will get a message that no one sells bones (I got after the 3rd store), go back to the dog, you will be offered the choice of present, choose bone again, then walk around the area for a bit, and head back to the dog. An event will trigger and you can move on with the story.

What happened Harukas dog?

He was given away to the original Sunflowers Orphanage in the second game. There is no line in Art & fantasy. Its whatever you make it you fool!

Where can I buy water yakuza like a dragon?

Bring him “Suntory Mineral Water.” You can buy it from the vending machine beside the Dragon Kart building.

Where can I find majima Yakuza kiwami?

Majima can be found hidden inside trash cans. Check this spot for an example of the trash cans he hides inside. If the trash cans aren’t shaking, it’s not available yet. You need to be Rank D for this to work and have encountered Majima 2-3 times during Rank D.

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