What age can dogs have Dentastix?

Pedigree Dentastix Large Dog Treats are a complementary pet food or Dog Treat for your pup over 4 months old. It’s so important to take care of your dogs’ teeth as they seem to explore the world with their mouth- Chewing on anything they can get their chops around.

What age is Dentastix for?


This is a chewy treat that is only suitable for dogs between 10 kg and 25 kg. It is not suitable for young puppies under 4 months. Use each sachet within 14 days of opening. Fresh drinking water should always be available.

What age can you give puppies dental chews?

All puppies enjoy and need to chew. This is partly to relieve some of the discomfort they experience during teething (between three and seven months of age) and also to help facilitate the removal of the puppy teeth and the eruption of the adult set.

Why are Dentastix bad for dogs?

If for example you feed raw and your dog gets a dentastix once in a blue moon, the risk can be quite low. It is the consistent feeding (as Pedigree suggests, one a day!) that will cause the most issues. Among others you could be looking at increased risk of skin irritation, eye and respiratory issues, and even cancer.

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Do vets recommend Dentastix?

Do Dentastix clean your dog’s teeth? Despite the confusion when it comes to the Dentastix recipe, they are used around the world to keep dogs’ teeth clean and healthy. According to their advertisements, they are even recommended by vets. … That’s why our dog dental chews are designed to have a crunch.

How often should I give my dog a Dentastix?

Feed large adult dogs (30+ lbs/13.6+ kg) 1 treat a day. Not suitable for puppies and dogs under 30 lbs (13.6 kg). Fresh drinking water should always be available.

Are Greenies bad for dogs?

Roetheli, who runs S&M NuTec from Kansas City, Missouri, says Greenies do break down when properly chewed and swallowed by a dog. He told CNN that any product has the potential to cause an obstruction in a dog and that Greenies packaging warns dog owners to monitor their dog to ensure the treat is adequately chewed.

Can you give a puppy dental chews?

Edible treats such as rawhide chews can help with dental health. But some dogs, especially aggressive chewers, consume them too quickly or may swallow pieces whole. This can cause choking or blockages. These products may also be contaminated or cause stomach irritation.

Can Dentastix give dogs diarrhea?

My dogs loved these, and they did seem to help keep their mouths cleaner, but they definitely gave one of the dogs bloody diarrhea.

What is Dentastix?

DENTASTIX Treats are made with a unique X-shape to help scrape away plaque and clean teeth down to the gumline. The clinically proven texture helps reduce plaque and tartar when used as part of a daily treating routine. Tasty DENTASTIX Treats help your pup maintain a healthy mouth, so you can snuggle up close.

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Are Costco dental chews good for dogs?

They don’t smell nearly as good as the regular greenies either, but the do look very similar. These may be good for other dogs, but not for mine unfortunately.

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